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  1. Behaviour: Keeping a safe, fun, and comfortable class environment for our students is a top priority. Children must follow the instructions of their teacher, and treat all other students with respect. Any children who are having behaviour issues may be asked to leave the class without refund.

  2. Clothing: Dreamlight does not have a strict dress code for classes, as we want students to be able to dance in what they are comfortable in. For ballet classes, we request students wear a leotard, ballet slippers, and tights in the colour of their choice. For all other classes, students are only required to wear clothing that is safe and easy to move in. Please don't wear any clothing that restricts body movement, hangs too loosely off the body, or is not age appropriate. For footwear, students must wear a dance shoe appropriate for their class or go barefoot. No socks or street shoes are permitted to be worn during classes. Jewelry is not permitted. Long hair should be pulled back away from the face. Tiny Tots students & Ballet students are welcome to wear ballet skirts or tutus but they are not mandatory to participate.

  3. Parents: Parents can wait in the lobby area during classes, or are also welcome to leave the building and return at the end of class. Parents are not allowed to sit in on classes, with the exception of pre-dance classes, as we find this makes it more difficult for the students to focus on their instructor. The exception to this policy is on a student's first day of classes. One of our two studio rooms has a viewing window. The other room is hooked up to a closed-circuit TV so parents can watch from the lobby. Parents will also have the opportunity to watch students perform at the studio's year end recital.

  4. Instructors: Students will typically have the same instructor each week for the entire season however we cannot guarantee this. Dreamlight reserves the right to substitute instructors due to things like illness, vacations, or schedule changes.

  5. Inclement Weather: In cases of extreme weather and snowstorms Dreamlight may need to cancel classes. We will do our best to notify students individually but if the weather prevents us from getting to the studio to do this parents are encouraged to check our Facebook page to see whether or not classes have been cancelled. Decisions regarding cancelled classes are usually made around 2pm for evening classes or 7am for morning classes. If a class is cancelled due to weather, a makeup class will be offered. 

  6. Holidays: Classes will not be held on any Statutory Holidays, or during March Break. We are also closed for the holidays for two weeks in December/January, at the same time the children are off school. This means the number of classes per month will fluctuate between 3 and 5, depending on where the holidays land. Makeup classes are not offered for holidays.

  7. Class Size / Ages: Dreamlight is committed to keeping class sizes small, to ensure that each student receives the attention they deserve. Dance classes will not exceed twelve students. Occasionally, Dreamlight may cancel/discontinue a class due to low enrollment but if this occurs we will always notify parents in advance and provide a refund for any classes that were paid for but haven't occured. Class ages are guidelines, and younger students with sufficient experience may be allowed in older student classes at Dreamlight's discretion.

  8. Start & End Times: Dreamlight always strives to begin and end classes on time, but occasionally a 1-2 minute delay may occur during the class turnovers.

  9. Transferring Classes: Transferring a student and any unused payments from the class they are enrolled in to another class is not guaranteed, and can only be done pending class space/registration availability at Dreamlight's discretion. All transfers are subject to a $20+HST class transfer fee.



Registration, Payment & Refund Policy:


  1. All payments made are non-refundable, even if the student is unable to attend classes that fall within that payment period, regardless of the reason, or is requested to leave the class due to a display of unsafe/threatening behaviour towards an instructor or another student. Please understand that in order for Dreamlight to provide regular, quality classes at an affordable rate, we cannot make exceptions to this or any other payment policy.

  2. Group Class Payment Methods: We offer three different payment choices for group classes:

    Option 1 - Month-To-Month Payment with Pre-Authorized Credit Card.
    Place a credit card on file, and on the first of each month we will automatically process the payment for that month. Students can discontinue at any time in the season with two weeks' notice, and no future credit card charges will be processed.


    Option 2 - Semester In-Person Payments with Cash, Debit, or Credit.
    The full dance year (Sept-June) is divided into three easy amounts as follows: $150.00+HST: Due upon registration. $150.00+HST: Due by first class in December. $150.00+HST: Due by first class in March. (Prices based on one student enrolled in one class. Sibling and multiple class discounts will be applied as applicable.) If students discontinue, no amount already paid will be refunded but you will not be obligated for any future amount.

    Option 3 - One Time Annual Payment.
    Choose to pay for the entire year upfront (September through June), and we will take 10% off of the total price. If parents choose this option please note that it is not refundable should the student wish to discontinue classes at any point in the year for any reason. Transfer of payment to another class/student is not guaranteed and is at Dreamlight's discretion pending class space/registration availability. Approved transfers subject to a $20+HST transfer fee.

  3. Late Payments: Subject to a $10+HST late fee. Students may be refused participation in classes/recitals until payment has been received.

  4. Class Refunds: Once a payment has been made it cannot be refunded. If a student is asked to leave a class due to unsafe or disruptive behaviour, we still cannot make an exception to this refund policy. If a student wishes to discontinue classes partway through the year, parents must notify Dreamlight according to the timelines specified in their selected payment method (see above) and if proper notification has been received no future payments are required. The monthly price is a flat rate regardless of how many individual classes fall in the month (3, 4, or 5), and the price cannot be adjusted if a student misses one or more classes during the month.

  5. Private Lessons/Couple Lessons: Rates for private lessons or couple/private group lessons vary but are agreed upon in advance, and regular weekly lessons must be paid for on a monthly basis at minimum, due at the first lesson of the month. Payment for the entire month secures the lesson time and the instructor, and therefore once booked it is non-refundable and cannot be adjusted if a student misses one or more classes during the month. Please understand that in order to reserve the studio time and an instructor for your private lessons we cannot make exceptions to this refund policy.

  6. Online Registrations: All online registrations received are subject to space availability in the selected class. We will always strive to shut down a class' registration once that class is full, but there is always the chance that an in-studio/phone registration may overlap with an online one. Once your registration and accompanying payment have been received through our online portal, you will receive an email within 48 hours confirming your child's spot within their selected class. If the class is full, you will have the option to select another (we will waive the class transfer fee) or we can refund the amount you paid for that class. Under no other circumstance, however, will an amount paid online for class registration be refunded.

  7. Exceptions: If Dreamlight discontinues or cancels a group class for a reason such as low enrolment, Dreamlight will refund the amount of any remaining classes that were paid for but did not occur, and Dreamlight will also waive the class transfer fee if the student would like to move to another class.

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