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Available Classes:

Tiny Tots Combo (Jazz+Ballet): Mondays 5:30pm-6pm

Tiny Tots Ballet: Saturdays 9:00-9:30am

Tiny Tots Jazz: Saturdays 10:30-11:00am

Cost Per Class:

$45+HST/month, one-time $20+HST registration fee

New Student Start Dates:

Monday Class: Mon. January 6

Saturday Classes: Sat. January 4

Tiny Tots Classes are for ages 3 - 5. For classes for other age groups, check our schedule here!

PROMO DETAILS: Valid only for new tiny tots registrations completed below by Jan. 25, 2020. Style/colours may vary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Jazz & Ballet? How do I know which is the best fit for my child?

The biggest difference is Jazz is much more upbeat than Ballet. If your child is usually very active when they move or dance, Jazz may be your best fit! If your child enjoys being up on their toes, pretending to be a ballerina, Ballet may be your best fit! We recommend looking at how your child moves naturally already and choosing from there.

Can I enroll my child in more than one class? Or enroll siblings? Is there a discount for this?

Yes, yes, yes! If one child takes more than one class, the cost becomes $40+HST/month per class. If you enroll siblings - even if they're in different classes - the cost becomes $40+HST/month per child.

How long is the season? Do I have to sign up for the whole year? What if my child wants to quit?

The dance season runs until mid-June, with a recital at the end of the year. We offer three different payment/commitment options for you to choose from (see below). You can select your option upon registration, and change options at a later date if you wish.

Option 1 - Month-To-Month Payment with Pre-Authorized Credit Card.
Place a credit card on file, and on the first of each month we will automatically process the payment for that month. Students can discontinue at any time in the season with two weeks' notice, and no future credit card charges will be processed.

Option 2 - Semester In-Person Payments with Cash, Debit, or Credit.
Pay for January through June in two easy amounts as follows: $135.00+HST: Due upon registration. $135.00+HST: Due by first class in March. (Prices based on one student enrolled in one class. Sibling and multiple class discounts will be applied as applicable.) If students discontinue, no amount already paid will be refunded but you will not be obligated for any future amount.

Option 3 - One Time Annual Payment.
Pay for January through June upon registration, and we will take 10% off of the total price. If parents choose this option please note that it is not refundable should the student wish to discontinue classes at any point in the year for any reason.

Some months have more classes than others. Is the price the same each month?

Yes, the price is the same each month regardless of whether there are 3, 4 or 5 classes that fall in that particular month. We divide the overall cost of the entire dance year into equal amounts for each month, making it easier for families to budget into their monthly expenses. The price per month also remains the same regardless of whether or not the student is absent for one or more classes.

What will the recital costs be? Does my child have to participate?

Recital participation is always optional at Dreamlight! If your child wishes to participate, there is a $30+HST costume fee due in February. We haven't set the price of our recital tickets this year yet, but last year they were $10 each. We do not charge any additional fees for students to participate in the recital!

Can I watch my child while they're in class?

Our studio room has a viewing window where parents are welcome to stand and watch the class!

How many students are permitted in each class?

Tiny Tots classes will have a maximum of only 8-10 students. We want to make sure each child always receives the attention they deserve!

Does my child have to wear or purchase a uniform to attend class?

No, not at all! We believe students -- especially little ones -- should wear what makes them feel most comfortable. Our only dress code requirements are that they have the proper footwear (either jazz or ballet shoes) so they can safely participate in class (and we have a selection of discounted used stock available in our lobby), and that they wear clothing that is tight/fitted to their body and is safe to move in. We do recommend leotards and tights, as we find that if students "dress the part" they are more likely to participate and take the class seriously, however even leggings and a fitted t-shirt are ok! We do not require you to purchase clothing from us, nor do we require students to wear a certain colour or brand. Tutus are also more than welcome!

Where are you located? How long has Dreamlight been around?

Dreamlight is located at 230 Anchor Road #6, in Hamilton. We're on the East Hamilton mountain, near the Dartnall & Stone Church Linc/Red Hill exits. We're in a plaza, near Carmen's Banquet Centre. We're proudly entering our 10th year of dance! We're a strictly recreational studio, that strongly believes in providing a fun, safe, clean and loving environment for students to explore their love of dance. For more information about Dreamlight, you can read up on us by clicking the "Who We Are" menu bar tab.

How can I register my child?

To register, begin by filling out the form on this page (found above). You will then be directed to a page where you can select the registration open that is most convenient for you and then go from there.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us here.

Thank you, and we look forward to welcoming you into our dance family!

Tel: 905-383-5558

Email: info@dreamlightstudio.ca

Location​​​​​​: 230 Anchor Rd. #6

Hamilton, ON

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